Monthly Notes — December

Monthly Notes — December

Dear lovers of Nackiyé,

As we are wrapping up the year, we wanted to share a few sentiments.

2023 presented itself with a mixed bag of emotions. Our hearts were broken over a devastating earthquake and a disheartening general election at home in Turkey, as well as growing conflict and unspeakable amounts of loss in Europe and the Middle East. As we navigated the needs of our still young but thriving Nackiyé, we tried to find comfort, strength and inspiration in personal memories formed largely by communal histories. Consistency has always been a key player for us, both in our daily lives and how we carry on our business. Traditions heal and build. Our desire to offer you the most earnest product we possibly can has never been stronger.

This year brought significant change to our small, slow world. We met wonderful partners, collaborators and kindred spirits throughout the world. We had the opportunity to work with talented artists who gave new life to our designs. We introduced new products and collections that we are looking forward to elaborating on. Most importantly we built a new home — our showroom, offices and workshop are now all under one beautiful roof in Istanbul.

We hope we managed to grace your wardrobes and homes with forever pieces this year. We hope they became forever mementos of your trips, adventures, parties or your day to day. We hope you love them as much as we love creating them for you. Lastly, we hope to keep bringing to your minds the gentle winds of the Mediterranean and ambrosial scents of the Grand Bazaar in the new year.

Happy New Year from Nackiyé!

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