Welcome to our island. 

Our island is as old as the Lycian alphabet but as young as fresh ewe’s milk cheese. 
Its rugged skirts are fringed with stone walls. Fig trees grow through its cracks. 
It smells like mimosas in April and tastes like crisp bluefish skin in December. Days are slow like molasses on our island. It wakes up to doves cooing and falls asleep to cicadas buzzing. Heat blurs its horizons, yet the cerulean waters are clear like glass. 

We can’t put it on a map since we are always chasing it like the lizards we chased under the hot sun, between long lunches and afternoon ice cream strolls as children. 

Nackiyé is us in our island, and our island in us.

Başak & Defne Kocabıyıkoğlu



What we make

Nackiyé is about chasing a Neptunian romance. We are two sisters who make clothes that are deeply connected to our personal geographies. Our Istanbul-based studio, named after our great-grandmother, culls inspiration from the vistas of our collective memory, of home and beyond. The touch of silk on our salty skin at dusk. Our pockets filled with pebbles and sunflower seeds. Gathering our skirts to jump from the ferry to the dock. Rolling up our sleeves to sit down to eat, elbow to elbow. Kicking up our feet at dessert. Nackiyé is the epitome of these simple pleasures. We would like our clothes to move you as they move with you.


What we believe in

Nackiyé is made with intention — a true sense of place — and speaks to everyday attitudes. These are clothes you wear. Throw in a suitcase. Throw on for a stroll through the market. Throw on the floor at the end of a raucous night. By bringing new life to time-honored traditions, each piece keeps craftsmanship alive, revitalized and reinterpreted by each wearer. Our commitment takes us to bespoke ateliers in Grand Bazaar and to the broom maker down the road. Prioritizing quality and longevity, we invest in enduring materials and artisan handiwork while staying true to our sense of wonder, curiosity, and slightly mischievous intuition. 


What we dream of

We strive to build a world we want to live in, harnessing both joy and purpose in preserving artisan traditions, celebrating unique, distinct craftsmanship, and creating clothes that can be reinterpreted and beloved regardless of seasons or trends. Our approach to ethical sustainability extends beyond using environmentally friendly materials and practices. It is shaped by our own values and beliefs in taking care of both our local environments and the livelihood of diverse communities that bring culture and beauty to life. We are constantly working to evolve and improve our own methods and methodologies to reflect this conviction and responsibility. 

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